I know I’m getting closer to Turkey when I start seeing Ottoman architecture in the landscape…I once saw a picture of Mostar in a catalog and noted it as a future destination so here I am. The Ottomans, like the Romans, were remarkably tolerant to all sorts of religion which resulted in Mostar becoming one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse place in Europe. Muslims, Christians, and Jews once lived without conflict here.

While it suffered a great deal of devastation during the Bosnian and Herzegovina war in ’93, as can be seen by bullet hole riddled buildings all over the place, most of the architecture is rebuilt..Still, it’s magnificent to behold. People are amazingly friendly and accommodating. This is in contrast to Croatia, where I did not feel welcome at all – Croatia is beautiful place and I’ve manage to capture some grand landscapes of Plitvice National park, but hospitality pale in comparison to Poland and Bosnia Herzegovina.

On this video, I was exploring the Neretva river overlooking the Stari Most (bridge), built around the 15th century by the Ottomans when a song broke out. There’s a storm brewing in the horizon and you can clearly see storm clouds spinning above the bridge. Not soon enough there’s a dude jumping off the bridge to a round of applause. I don’t know if it was intended or it was a dare from friends, but it was quite dramatic and comical to say the least :)

I came to Europe because I’m fond of history and I’ve read a lot of history books…But history as they say is written by the victors…History says the Ottoman Empire were tolerant to all religions but yet there was the massacre in Armenia which I wouldn’t have known had I not met the Armenian man in Lithuania to shed light to the matter. Much is to be deciphered in the old world…So much to learn and so little time for me here…What I’ve read in those text books, doesn’t quite jive what I’m learning here person…

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I picked up photography, snowboarding, and recently kiteboarding which in turn caused my productivity, wanderlust and beer drinking to increase dramatically. Currently, a self-employed Information Technology Database Web Developer Architecture Content Management Systems Implementation Integration Specialist Project Thing-a-ma-jiggy Manager, who will work for snow or warm beaches. I’m also working towards an MBA with an emphasis in fantasy basketball. I’m just a dude of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery...Oh, I love travel, Electronic Dance Music, adventures, photography, being green and echo friendly, raves, and random shenanigans. But in all seriousness, I want to enrich my life through unforgettable experiences and adventures, not through the acquisition of material wealth and possessions.

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