Tips and Tricks
 05/06/2015      Comments: 0           

I shoot outdoors and that means I'm at the mercy of what light nature gives me. Often times the contrast is too much for film or digital sensors to handle hence my use of Graduated ND filters. HDR is also a solution if you're shooting digital; however I have extensive background in film so I'm still using filters to solve lighting problems. Landscape photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography. Why? Because there are too many elements outside of your control. Unlike other (...)

Exploring the Ansel Adams Wilderness
 05/01/2015      Comments: 0           

The strikingly picturesque Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River Valley lies west of the Ritter Range in the Ansel Adams wilderness which includes dark metavolcanic glaciated mountains such as Banner Peak and The Minarets. There are three (...)

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